An Introduction

Hello and welcome to Thorndike Productions. Where we film weddings, shoot films, and do videos related to the filmmaking process (from cameras and lens reviews to interviewing filmmakers and stuff like that.). I am the company’s founder, Ryan David Rogers. My passion has always been telling stories and helping others tell their stories. I’ve been working on indie films in New England since 2012, starting out as a production assistant on a feature film that never got finished. Since then, I have done sound for short films and camera for micro budget films and series. However, I have always strive to make films and series of my own and it wasn’t until around 2018 where I was starting to actually make the connections that would allow me to make my goals a reality.

In 2019, I decided to go through with launching my own video business, Thorndike Productions. A place that I can call home for all my films (Both short and feature length), Series, and video projects I get hired to do. I really owe a lot of thanks to everyone that has supported me up to this point and am really looking forward to what 2020 will have to offer.

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