Ice Patrol: A Film by Adam Newman: Where is it Now?

It was late 2016, I was looking on craigslist for film gigs to be involved in and came across a crew call for a production that was going on in Sandford Maine in early/mid January 2017. I volunteered my time for an ambitious director on a project which was also ambitious since at that point, I haven’t really been involved with a feature film production before. 2 1/2 years later, the film finally saw the light of day with it’s premiere and film festival run. That director was Adam Newman and his second feature film: Ice Patrol.

Disclaimer: Although I did do a video interview with Ice Patrol director, Adam Newman, back before the film premiered; the following article will contain my thoughts on the film itself with very minor spoilers. Sad to say, at the time of this article’s writing, it is not available for the public to view. When/if that changes, this article will be updated as such.
As I mentioned, I interviewed Adam about his film and some of the other projects he was working on which can be viewed here:

Since then, the film has had it’s premiere and it’s film festival run. Let me start off by saying, I am happy with how it turned out. Up until working on Ice Patrol, I’ve only been involved with directors on short films and yes, the results have been mixed. But it wasn’t as big of a scale as as this film was. It might not seem that big of scale since a majority of the film does take place in the same house, but doing a feature film on a micro budget regardless of scope, and acutally having turn out great, can be quite a challange.

The film itself feels (and was) very doable due to how the story is layed out. The main location is a house with a sizeable garage, and forrest out back so there is plenty of varity in where scenes can happen. Along with a few small buisness giving the “Okay” to acutally shoot the film there and acutally shooting night scenes at night, it definitly feels bigger scale than if were to put it on paper.

Another major thing that sold it as a whole as lighting. Sure, there are plenty of scenes that take place outside during the day, but I’m talking about the scenes that aren’t. The lights that were used were some photography lights and work lights and due to the bulbs in the respective lights, it would effect the kinda color the scene would have. It’s more apperant in the exterior night scenes, which work given the contex of the location. The film is an overall well written, well acted film that really should be seen. But that begs the question, where is it now?

Well, I posed this question to the films writter/director, Adam Newman, and he told me a couple of things. For one thing, it’s still on the film festival circuit, so it would be the best idea from the perspective of a film festival show runner to only accept submissions that haven’t been made public yet. Another thing he told me is that he is actually in talks with a distributor to get his films released. He didn’t tell which distribution company he is talks with, or gave any details regarding it. But I hope the deal goes through for him and that the distributor doesn’t try to pull anything shady. I’m also looking forward to what else Adam Newman has in store as a filmmaker and excited to see what he does next.

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