Thorndike Productions’ Next Short Film is a……Horror-Drama?

As I was working on the post production of my last short film The Robotic Horseman (which is now available on Prime Video) I’ve been having big ideas for my next film. Ideas so big, that they could work as features. But I knew for my next one, I still needed to work small. Something I could pull off in a weekend to help get a better idea of my directing style. I know how I write screenplays at this point. Trying to work with ideas that would make people do a second take is kinda my thing. I mean, come on, a Robot with a Horse head, really? Anyways, about my next short film: Lucas. If you have any questions about it, please keep reading and if it doesn’t look like I answered your question, feel free to ask.

What’s it About?

Lucas is the story of a guy trying out a new medication that is supposes to stop him from turning into a werewolf. Hence why I call it a Horror-Drama instead of just a Drama. Now you could argue that I don’t need the whole werewolf angle if I really wanted to do a story about a guy struggling with his meds. I know, but I figured it’d be easier for me to write if I had that kind of hook since every time I try to write straight forward drama, it never feels right. Even when I send the script for a drama to my peers and they end up liking what I’ve come up with, there is still that element of something missing.

Okay….What are You Going to Be Shooting it On?

This. I’ll be shooting it on this.

Okay, not that exact lens. But I’m planning on shooting on my Canon T3i. Why? Well, I mention in a previous post about the Canon T3i that I would shoot my next short film on it to prove it still has value to shoot with in 2020. Which has let me to try and figure out who I’ll be approaching certain scenes with said camera since it does not do well in iso past 400. My answer is strong lights and fast lenses. Which the plan for lighting is still being sorted out, but I confident that once it’s figured out, it’ll be no problem to acutally shoot it.

How far along with Pre-Production are you?

Enough that I feel it’s appropriate to announce the next project. But in all seriousness, I’ve already got a few people on board in various aspects. Mainly someone to co-produce it this time since producing the Robotic Horseman by myself was a little tiring. But hopefully with a second mind on board for the major aspect of the project, it’ll hopefully turn out great. I also got a make up artist interested in the project as well, but considering the scale I want the project, I might ask a second one to come on board as well. We’ll see.

What’s the Budget?

That, I’m still sorting out. But I know what takes top priority for this film. Make Up, Lights, and Atmosphere. The last one is a little contextual, I know. But I feel those are the three things I need to invest in heavily in order for this to turn out well. I know audio is an important part of it as well, but I’ve already got that sorted out. Once the film is finished, I’ll disclose the budget on the film’s imdb page. I will reveal this, the budget will also include meals for cast/crew, and overdue upgrades to my editing computer.

When are you shooting it and plans for releasing the film?

I’m aiming to film it this fall. Not sure exactly when this fall. Maybe in September? When the time comes of actually filming it, I’ll be sure to post pictures on the Thorndike Productions Facebook page. As far as releasing it goes. It might be unlikely that it’ll make it to the top tier film festivals (although I am so going to try and submit it to SXSW) but I do also aim to submit to smaller film festivals. After that, I’ll be releasing it to the public in on form or another. Along with I-don’t-even-know-how-many-yet BTS videos about the making of this short film as well as the post production regarding it.

I’ve gotta say I’m really looking forward to filming this next project, I know it’s going to turn out great.

Update (7/1/2020): In regards to the production of “Lucas”, I have ultimately decided that it is going to be pushed back till summer of 2021. Reason being? Well, I’m currently writing a feature film with intent to actually shoot it spring 2021. This, Lucas, and a third project I have slated for production next year are all going to happen one way or another, so stay tuned for more on it.

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