That Time I Had A Podcast.

Back in September of 2019, as I was figuring out the YouTube side of Thorndike Productions, I decided to give something a try that I wanted to for a while: A Podcast. Not being sure what its to be about, I decide to call it the “This, That, and All Things Cinema Podcast”.

As the name suggests, I talked about film. Both movie news and stuff regarding the gear aspect of the industry. If you were to say the podcast wasn’t fully focused since it wasn’t as niche down as it could have been, I would partly agree with you. Partly because while I could have niche down to attract a small audience, I also want to talk about my love of films in general. So, the Podcast was born and only lasting 6 episodes. 7 if you count my spoiler filled talk about Terminator: Dark Fate.

When researching how to do podcasts and actually have them go somewhere, I discovered that is this apparently common. Where people wanting to do podcasts run out of steam a few episodes in and that is what happened to me. If you were to look at the rate in which I uploaded content onto both Thorndike Productions’ YouTube channel and to this website, you have to admit, it hasn’t been that consistent.

While I could offer explanations as to why I haven’t been able to, wither it be working on bigger scale projects or having a full time job on top of running this as a business. Ultimately, it would be nothing more than an excuse. Consistently delivering fresh content is something I am working on for both the YouTube channel and the website and I promise I will get better about it as time goes on. But I guess this leaves one big question, will I return to doing a podcast as well as making YouTube videos, blog posts, wedding videos, and films. I want to, but it’s going to be one of those things where I am going to have get my schedule better sorted out before I can commit to it on top of everything else I’ve got going on.

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