About Wedding Videography

Are you able to shoot drone footage for my wedding?

At the moment, no. But when becomes a feature we are able to offer as part of our packages, it will be included in the package feature section of the wedding videography page.

If I hire you to film my wedding, how will I be receiving the finished video (and raw footage if I want it?)

Once the wedding videos are finished, we will be emailing you a download link. For raw footage, we will be mailing you an external hard drive containing the raw footage.

Are you LGBTQ+ friendly?

Yes. Thorndike Productions does not and will not tolerate bigotry.

Is it okay if post my wedding video on social media?

Go on right ahead. All the music used in your video will be licensed so you shouldn’t run into any copyright issues.

Do you offer video/photo packages?

At the moment, no. But as Thorndike Productions grows, that might a package that could be offered in the future.

How far in advance can I book you for my wedding?

Up to 18 months.

What would you say is your approach when it comes to filming and editing wedding videos?

I would like to think of it as naturalistic. Aside from adding one or two of my lights to the dancefloor (if given permission to do so) for the sake of capturing the special dances or toasts without a lot of video noise, I prefer for the finished video to accurately represent the big day itself. -Ryan

About Film Productions

What is your workflow when it comes to production sound mixing?

At the moment, I have it set up so its 1 audio recorder per microphone, regardless of it being a shotgun or lavalier microphone. Unfortunately, this does come at a cost of being unable to monitor the audio from all the recorders during the take. I am currently in the process of getting the equipment upgraded so it will be possible to monitor all audio sources at once. When the day comes, this answer to this question will reflect that. -Ryan

Do you have any experience on set aside from sound?

Yes. On a number of projects I have helped behind camera as a production assistant, 2nd assistant camera, production designer, B camera operator, and script supervisor. I do also have a background in the culinary arts, so I am able to do craft services if needed. If you’re interested in hiring me for a different position outside of sound, feel free to go the contact page and send me a message. -Ryan