Latin for Anxiety, “Anxietatem” follows a young man (Paul) trying to enjoy a night out when his inner worries begin to affect him.

Anxietatem is heavily inspired by how at times those with social anxiety feel like they’re speaking a different language when trying to socialize or meet new people. For more insight about the film, check out it’s IMDB.

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Samson Zilic plays Paul in Anxietatem

Samson Zilic as Paul

Katrina Chamberlain plays Beatriz in Anxietatem

Katrina Chamberlain as Beatriz

Steve Lawlor Jones plays the Bartender in Anxietatem

Steven Lawlor Jones as the Bartender

Club Goers

Alex Styles

Andrea Abella Marie

Chelsey Krol

Colin Malette

Sandra Avellani

Production Crew

Ryan David Rogers: Writer, Director, Editor, Producer

Killarney Traynor: Director of Photography

Ethan Aho: Production Sound Mixer

Lucas Dominick: Grip, Electric, Production Assistant

Gabriela Castrillon: Grip, Electric, Production Assistant

Adam Griswold: Grip, Electric, Production Assistant

Erica Radzik: Production Assistant

Behind the Scenes Video

Behind the Scenes Photos